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GZ (File no.)
21/10/2022Oberbank AGGZ 2021//9-12Creeping-In, change of a group acting in concert
23/05/2022S IMMO AGGZ 2022/3/2-11Blocking period, teleological reduction, exemption from obligation to make a bid pursuant to § 24 para 3 no 2 Takeover Act
25/11/2021Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg AGGZ 2021/1/6-11Acquisition/conversion of preferential shares, creeping-In, change of a group acting in concert
27/09/2021EVNGZ 2021/1/5-12Acting in concert,  formation of a group of entities Acting in concert, joint tax participation, exemption from the obligation to make an offer pursuant to § 24 para 3 no 4 Takeover Act
09/06/2021Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg AGGZ 2021/1/4-17Conversion of preference shares, creeping-In, acting in concert
07/06/2021Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg AGGZ 2021/1/3-32Conversion of preference shares, passive acquisition of control, restructuring measure
21/12/2020Andritz AGGZ_2020/1/4-5Passive acquisition of control, conditional suspension of voting rights between 26 % and 30%, increase in holdings, creeping-in, acting in concert, change to a group
21/01/2020Andritz AGGZ 2019/1/5-13Increase in the holdings, § 22b para 2 Takeover Act, cash-settled Call-Option
24/09/2019AnonymousGZ 2019/1/3-14Acting in concert, electing members of the Supervisory Board, minority position
25/06/2019S IMMO AGGZ 2019/3/1-21Statutory maximum voting right, § 26a Takeover Act, calculation of equity participation
25/04/2019Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg AGGZ 2019/1/1-11Creeping-In, syndicate, payment in full for acquired shares due to capital increase 
08/10/2018Erste Group Bank AGGZ 2018/1/6-25Acting in concert, change to a group, control in connection with private foundations
05/09/2018CA Immobilien Anlagen AGGZ 2018/1/7-28Exemption from obligation to make a bid pursuant to § 25 para 1 no 3 Takeover Act (temporary acquisition of control)
24/07/2018AnonymousGZ 2018/3/2-15Amendment of syndication agreement, sales of syndicated shares
08/01/2018Wiener Privatbank SEGZ 2017/3/3-15

Blocking period, teleological reduction, reference date for average price

31/10/2017HTI AGGZ 2017/2/1-22Economic takeover, distribution of assets
11/07/2017S&T AGGZ 2017/3/1-41Rebuttal of acting in concert, election of supervisory board members, consolidation of control
16/11/2016S&T AGGZ 2016/3/3-26Rebuttal of acting in concert, no mutual attribution of voting rights, minority position
12/10/2016UNIQAGZ 2016/3/2-27Syndication agreement, asymmetrical interest, concert action, horizontal syndicate based on personal identity
12/10/2016AnonymousGZ 2016/2/4-26Restructuring exemption, equal treatment of all shareholders, restructuring trustee
26/08/2016ERSTE Group Bank AGGZ 2016/1/5-28Asymmetrical interest within the syndicate, creeping-in in the case of capital increases and transfer of subscription rights, joint liability pursuant to § 23 para 3 Takeover Act
26/08/2016RBI AGGZ 2016/2/3-26Exemption from obligation to make a bid pursuant to § 24 para 3 no 2 Takeover Act, Acting in concert in the syndicate
10/05/2016Flughafen Wien AGGZ  2016/1/4-11Syndication agreement, creeping-in, acquisition of own shares
01/04/2015AMAG Austria Metall AGGZ 2015/1/5-12Acting in concert, change in decision-making process, syndication agreement
27/11/2014Erste Group Bank AGGZ 2014/1/10-28Conclusion of syndication agreements, legal entities acting in concert, vertical syndicate, creeping-in, bidder’s obligation, joint and several liability
21/11/2014AnonymousGZ 2014/3/8-11Swap offer, amount of consideration, guarantee to pay the difference
13/08/2014UBM Realitätenentwicklung AGGZ 2014/3/6-7Reorganisation, merger, demerger, obligation to make a bid
04/08/2014Telekom Austria AGGZ 2014/3/4-9Payment within extended deadline, capital increase, equal treatment, acquisition at more favorable terms
16/04/2014Telekom Austria AGGZ 2014/3/1-9Capital increase, statutory subscription right, § 16 para 7 Takeover Act, guarantee to pay the difference
20/12/2013BUWOG AGGZ 2013/1/6-19Demerger, economic takeover, mandatory bid, convertible bonds, creeping-in, exemption from obligation to make a bid, transfer by assignment of collateral
09/09/2013Unternehmens Invest AGGZ 2013/3/3-27Acting in concert, syndicate, syndication agreement, vertical syndicate, change in decision-making process, supervisory board, pre-emptive rights and rights of first refusal, veto rights
06/11/2012Allgemeine Baugesellschaft - A. Porr AGGZ 2012/1/4-24Price calculation, price floor, bid price, reference transaction, illiquid shares, disregard of prices quoted on stock exchange, equity kicker
14/09/2012AnonymousGZ 2012/1/1-48Restructuring measure, equal treatment of all shareholders, changes in the syndicate, syndicate based on personal identity, unanimity syndicate
18/05/2012KTM AG / Pankl Racing Systems AGGZ 2012/2/3-27Acting in concert, syndication agreement, indirect change of control, mandatory bid
27/01/2012AnonymousGZ 2011/2/7-8Options, price calculation, § 26 para 1 Takeover Act - excessive regulation, consideration of exemption, reference period
23/05/2011AnonymousGZ 2011/3/2-15Change in syndicate, pursuant to § 1 para 6 Takeover Act; change in syndicate; nomination rights, blocking minority
18/05/2011C-Quadrat Investment AGGZ 2011/1/1-21Acting in concert pursuant to § 1 para 6 Takeover Act; elections to the supervisory board
14/03/2011Private Equity Performance Beteiligungs AGGZ 2011/2/2 - 13Change in listing, Third Market, continued application of Takeover Act
30/11/2010Telekom Austria AGGZ 2010/3/4 - 10Passive acquisition of control, exceeding of blocking minority
19/10/2010Strabag SEGZ 2010/3/2 - 31Rasperia becomes shareholder again
04/06/ AGGZ 2010/3/1 - 36Creeping In
05/05/2010Allgemeine Baugesellschaft - A. Porr AGGZ 2010/1/2 - 30Conclusion of a syndication agreement
16/06/2010AnonymousGZ 2010/1/4 - 10Merger under guarantee to pay the difference
13/11/2009KTM Power Sports AGGZ 2009/2/7 - 12Acting in concert
25/06/2009AnonymousGZ 2009/2/3 - 17Acting in concert
28/05/2009S&T System Int. & Tech. Distribution AGGZ 2009/3/3 - 29Acting in concert
20/05/2009Erste Group Bank AGGZ 2009/1/3 - 30Acting in concert
27/04/2009Strabag SEGZ 2009/3/2 - 42§ 25 para 1 no 2 second case, Takeover Act 
27/03/2009Binder+Co AGGZ 2009/1/1 - 36Acting in concert


19/11/2008Meinl International Power LimitedGZ 2008/2/4 - 10Applicability of Takeover Act
31/07/2008C-QUADRAT Investment AGGZ 2008/1/3 - 37Formation of a vertical syndicate
06/05/2008Austrian Airlines AGGZ 2008/1/2 - 67Formation of a vertical syndicate
29/11/2007KTM Power Sports AGGZ 2007/2/2 - 30Acting in concert
23/05/2007Telekom Austria AGGZ 2007/3/2 - 17§ 26a para 1 Takeover Act
19/04/2007Böhler-Uddeholm AGGZ 2007/1/3 - 59

Calculation of minimum acceptance threshold, identical terms and conditions

26/01/2007RHI AGGZ 2007/3/1 - 35Consideration of convertible bonds, consideration of option agreements, passive acquisition of control
20/10/2006AnonymousGZ 2006/1/3 - 9No obligation to make a bid if control threshold is exceeded briefly during an IPO
17/10/2006CEE Immobilien Development AGGZ 2006/3/4 – 17Continued application of Takeover Act after delisting
06/09/2006AnonymousGZ 2006/3/4 - 15Change in syndicate
14/06/2006AnonymousGZ 2006/3/3 – 42Price falls below minimum price threshold, § 26 para 3 no 3 Takeover Act
07/04/2006Generali Holding Vienna AGGZ 2006/1/1 - 44Bid pursuant to § 9 Demerger Act
02/02/2006AnonymousGZ 2006/3/1 - 24Creeping In
24/01/2005VA Technologie AGGZ 2004/3/13 - 213Bidding procedure VA Technologie AG
15/01/2005VA Technologie AGGZ 2004/3/13-178Bidding procedure VA Technologie AG
08/06/2004AnonymousGZ 2004/1/5 - 52Change of control below offeree company
04/09/2003VA Technologie AGGZ 2003/3/6 - 63Change of control, acting in concert
16/02/2001Lauda Air Luftfahrt AGGZ 2001/2/2 – 47aBidding procedure Lauda Air Luftfahrt AG
22/12/2000Getränke Holding AGGZ 2000/3/3 - 115Changes in syndicate
15/11/2000Getränke Holding AGGZ 2000/3/3-65Planned change to shareholders, announcement of a public bid
12/09/2000Bank Austria - HypoVereinsbankGZ 2000/1/4-171Ex officio review of a planned transaction
13/10/1999AnonymousGZ 1999/A/4 - 5Changes to shareholders prior to IPO
17/07/1999AnonymousGZ 1999/2/3 - 13Conditions and reservations in the offer
24/06/1999AnonymousGZ 1999/2/3 - 21Execution of parallel transactions
22/06/1999AnonymousGZ 1999/2/4 - 18Offer documents (valuation method, delisting, etc.)
04/06/1999AnonymousGZ 1999/2/4 - 7Acquisition of own shares through voluntary offer
09/04/1999AnonymousGZ 1999/2/1 - 8Offer documents (number of bidders, period for acceptance, etc.)


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GZ (File no.)
03/12/2001GZ 2001/V/1

Prohibition of execution; obligation to make a bid; conditions of the bid must always be met within the acceptance period; identical terms and conditions


Documents only available in German

GZ (File no.)
09/09/2021conwert Immobilien Invest SEC-546/18 (ECJ)Binding Effect, Fundamental Rights
01/03/2017conwert Immobilien Invest SE6 Ob 22/17d (OGH)Acting in concert, agreement relevant for control
29/09/2005VA Technologie AGGZ 2004/3/5-264Decision to stop proceedings in connected proceedings GZ 2004/3/5 and GZ 2004/3/9