Offeree companyAustria Mikro Systeme International AG (FN 34109)
ISINWKN 092085
OfferorAspern Industrie Beteiligungs AG
Acceptance period03 May to 02 Jun 2000, 17. hrs. Vienna local time
Offer price90 EUR per AMS share
Offer volume2,127,818 no par ordinary shares
Premium58% (1M), 129% (6M), 141% (12M)
Paying agentDeutsche Bank AG
Share held by bidder prior to announcement of offer872,182 share, 29.1 % (acquisition after announcement of intention to bid)
Binding CommitmentsThe Offeror has binding commitments of several shareholders of AMS to sell a total of 751,724 AMS shares to the Offeror, i.e. a further 25.06% of the share capital of AMS within the scope of the offer and at the conditions of this offer in the case of successful execution.