Offeree companyLauda Air Luftfahrt Aktiengesellschaft
ISIN071930 and 071936
OfferorAustrian Airlines Österreichische Luftverkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft
Acceptance period21 Feb to 27 Mar 2001
Offer priceEUR 7.60 per ordinary share; EUR 5.70 per participation certificate (after correction)
Offer volume242,169 shares, 7.12% of the share capital; 2,262,217 bearer, no-par-value participation certificates, 90.49% of the participation capital
Premium0.8% (3M), 2.8% (6M), 4.3% (12M) ordinary shares; 23.1% (3M), 13.8% (6M), 8.8% (12M) preference shares
Paying agentBank Austria AG
Share held by bidder prior to announcement of offer

54.53% of the share capital, 9,51% of participation capital

Improved terms of the mandatory public bidThe Offeror improves the mandatory bid by the raising offer price per participation certificate, thus per participation certificate in the Offeree Company by a proportionate share in the participation capital in an amount of approx. EUR 7.27 (securities ID no. 071936) from currently EUR 5.30 by EUR 0.40 to EUR 5.70, which corresponds to an increase of 7.55% over the original offer price.