Offeree company

Austria Haustechnik Aktiengesellschaft (FN 51957 h)

BidderFreezing & Chilling Beteiligungs GmbH
Acceptance period27 Mar to 12 Jul 2002,
Offer priceEUR 21 per share of Austria Haustechnik Aktiengesellschaft
Offer volume1,620,000 shares of Austria Haustechnik Aktiengesellschaft
Premium23.2% (3M); 30.3% (6M); 22.8% (12M)
ZahlstelleBank Austria Creditanstalt Aktiengesellschaft
ConditionsAcquisition of at least 90% of the share capital with voting rights of Austria Haustechnik AG
Share held by Offeror prior to announcement of bid0%
Two extensions of acceptance periodOriginal acceptance period:27 March 2002 to 3 May 2002, i.e. 25 trading days
1. Prolonged by 15 trading days: 28 May 2002
2. Prolonged by 10 trading days: 12 June 2002
Offer failed due to failure to meet conditionsWithin the scope of the takeover proceedings, 1,375,005 shares in AHT were delivered for sale to Bank Austria Creditanstalt AG in its function as paying agent. This corresponds to 84.87% of the share capital with voting rights of AHT. This condition was not met and therefore the offer was not accepted.