Offeree companyVOITH PAPER Aktiengesellschaft (FN 80419p)
ISINISIN AT0000823604 (ordinary) and ISIN AT0000823638 (preferred)
OfferorJ. M. Voith Aktiengesellschaft
Acceptance period25 Mar to 16 May 2002,
Offer priceEUR 24.-- per ordinary share and per preference share
Offer volume153,155 ordinary shares and 107,237 preference shares, in total 13.53% of the share capital
Premium12.8%, 20.4%, 24.6% (ordinary shares), 48.5%, 58.3%, 52.8% (preference shares)
Paying volumeBank Austria Aktiengesellschaft
Share held by Offeror prior to announcement of bid

around 86.47% of total share capital

Important noteThe original Offer Document of 22 March 2002 was corrected on 29 March 2002. The information given above refer to the corrected text of the offer (both Offer Documents are available in PDF format, the changes concerned the correction of prices in sections 2.2.1. and 2.2.2. of the Offer Document).
Extended Acceptance Period

Original acceptance period: From 25 March 2002 to 23 April 2002 (20 trading days)
Prolonged by 15 trading days: Acceptance up until and including 16 May 2002