Offeree companyJenbacher Aktiengesellschaft (FN 36226 z)
ISINAT000 070535 5
OfferorGE Holdings Austria GmbH
Acceptance period13 Feb to 25 Apr 2003
Offer priceEUR 18.10 per share of Jenbacher Aktiengesellschaft - after improved bid
Offer volume4,335,239 shares
premium29.2 % (3M), 14.6 % (6M), 15.7 % (12M) - after improved bid

(a) after the end of the general acceptance period (defined in sect. 2.5) the Offeror and/or parties acting in concert with the Offeror hold shares in Jenbacher Aktiengesellschaft that account for at least 90% of voting rights;

(b) the acquisition of the shares mentioned in (a) is released or approved by the competent antitrust authorities at the latest by 4 July 2003;

(c) no significant deterioration occurs in the economic situation of Jenbacher Aktiengesellschaft until the 18th trading day before the end of the general acceptance period.

Paying agentBank Austria Creditanstalt AG
Share held by Offeror prior to announcement of bid0 (conditional share purchase agreement for 55.56%)
Extended Acceptance PeriodOriginal period: 13 February 2003 to 26 March 2003
Prolongation by 20 trading days: until 25 April 2003
Improved bidoriginal offer price EUR 17.43 per share: Increase by EUR 0.67 to EUR 18.10 per share while at the same time reducing the original syndicated purchase price by EUR 0.25 to EUR 20.25 per syndicate share (concerns share purchase agreement)
Calculation of offer volumeBased on the volume of own shares held by Jenbacher Aktiengesellschaft of 108,756 shares and the 5,556,005 syndicate shares acquired by the Offeror under the conditional share purchase agreement, the offer therefore effectively concerns the acquisition of a total of 4,335,239 shares of Jenbacher Aktiengesellschaft.