Offeree companySemperit Aktiengesellschaft Holding (FN 112544g)
ISINAT000 078555 5
OfferorB & C Beteiligungsmanagement GmbH
Acceptance period23 Jun to 01 Aug 2003,
Offer priceEUR 13.93 per share of Semperit Aktiengesellschaft Holding
Offer volume11,545,295 shares, 56.12% of the share capital
Premium-0.36 % (3M), +3.34 % (6M), +9.17 % (12M)
Paying agentBank Austria Creditanstalt AG
Share held by Offeror prior to announcement of bid

8,803,139 shares, 42.79% of the share capital

Reasons for the mandatory bidEffective 16 May 2003, the Offeror acquired a total of 3,605,324 shares from Cross Industrie Holding GmbH, Wels (hereinafter: “Cross”) in the Offeree Company, and thus shares amounting to a percentage of around 17.52% of the share capital.
Already prior to the acquisition of the shares of Cross, B & C Holding GmbH acting in concert with the Offeror held over 5,197,815 shares in the Offeree Company and thus shares representing some 25.26% of the share capital of the Offeree Company.
Observance of antitrust regulationsIf, within the scope of the mandatory bid, B & C Group were to acquire so many shares so as to hold at least 50% of the voting rights in the Offeree Company after the finalisation of the bid, the B&C Group must notify the intended merger to the competent antitrust authorities. If there is no relevant non-prohibition or approval until the end of the – possibly prolonged - acceptance period, the Offeror shall undertake the appropriate measures such as the appointment of a neutral trustee independent of the Offeror in order to ensure fulfillment of the offer. On the basis of its current knowledge, the Offeror assumes that the merger will not be prohibited or that approval will be given without any obstructive conditions.