Offeree companyPankl Racing Systems AG (FN 143981m)
OfferorCROSS Industries AG
Acceptance period04 to 25 May 2007, n.a.
Offer priceEUR 26.59 per share of Racing Systems AG
Offer volume2,012,760 shares of Pankl Racing Systems AG
Premium-4.11% (3M); 4.77% (6M); 8.22% (12M)
Paying agentRaiffeisen Centrobank AG, Tegetthoffstraße 1, 1015 Vienna.
Share held by Offeror prior to announcement of bid52.70% 
Parallel acquisitionThe Offeror acquired shares of the Offeree Company after the notification of the offer on 26 May 2007 for EUR 26.50 per share