Offeree companyCA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft (FN 75895k)
OfferorO1 Group Limited
Acceptance period28 Nov. 2014 to 6 Feb. 2015, 16. hrs. Vienna local time
Offer priceEUR 18.50 per share
Offer volume9,735,276 share
Premium19.47% (3m); 25.15% (6m); 34.75% (12m)
Paying agentUniCredit Bank Austria AG, Schottengasse 6-8, 1010 Vienna, FN 150714p
Share held by bidder prior to announcement of offer

15,954,891 share, 16.15%

Partial bidThe bid is directed at the acquisition of up to 9,735,276 bearer shares of CA Immo, which are admitted to listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange on the Official Market and are not owned by the Offeror or parties acting in concert with the Offeror or that can be allocated to them. These 9,735,276 bearer shares correspond to around 9.85% of the entire share capital of CA Immo.
Allocation in the event of oversubscriptionThe acceptance declarations must be considered proportionately, if these are submitted for more shares than the Offeror intends to acquire. In such case, the acceptance declaration for every shareholder must be considered in the ratio in which the partial bid stands to the entirety of all acceptance declarations received.
If this allocation rule requires the Offeror to acquire a fractional amount of shares, the amount is, at the discretion of the paying agent, rounded up or down to the next integral number of bearer shares. The number of 9,735,276 offer shares must in no case be exceeded.