Offeree CompanyUnternehmens Invest Aktiengesellschaft  (FN 104570f)
OfferorKnünz GmbH
Intention to make a bid pursuant to § 5 Takeover Act announced on21 Mar 2022
To be notified pursuant to § 10 Takeover Act until 4 Apr 2022, extended pursuant to § 10 para 1 Takeover Act until11 Apr 2022
Notified pursuant to § 10 Takeover Act on11 Apr 2022
Bid to be announced pursuant to § 11 Takeover Act (conditional on a period abridgement request pursuant to § 11 para 1 Takeover Act)Not earlier than 29 Apr 2022, not later than 4 May 2022
Bid announced pursuant to § 11 Takeover Act on29 Apr 2022
Acceptance period29 Apr 2022 until (and including) 27 May 2022, 17:00 (Vienna local time)
Offer priceEUR 29.41 per ordinary share cum dividend 2021/22
Offer volume197,936 ordinary shares (corresponding to approximately 3.11% of the Target Company's share capital)
Premium27,87%(3M); 29,45%(6M); 33,80%(12M); 38,73%(24M)
ConditionsThe bid is not subject to any condition
Paying agentErste Group Bank AG, Am Belvedere 1, 1100 Wien, FN 33209m
Share held by bidder prior to announcement of offer

843,982 ordinary shares (corresponding to approximately 13.25% of the Target Company's share capital) 

In addition, other shareholders, who qualify as parties acting in concert within the meaning of § 27e para 3 Takeover Act, hold a total of 4,699,918 shares, which are distributed as follows:

Knünz Invest Beteiligungs GmbH: 2,186,872 shares (34.34%)
Nucleus Beteiligungs GmbH: 1,623,111 shares (25.48%) and
Paul Neumann: 889,935 shares (13.97%)

The Bidder and the legal entities acting in concert therefore hold together 5,543,900 shares (corresponding to approximately 87.04% of the Target Company's share capital)