Offeree companyAdolf Darbo Aktiengesellschaft (FN 46033 x)
OfferorHero AG
Acceptance period17 Jul to 25 Sep 2002,
Offer priceEUR 65 per ordinary share of Adolf Darbo Aktiengesellschaft
Offer volume51,701 shares, 9.23% of the share capital
Premium94.0% (3M); 85.2% (6M); 71.0% (12M)
Paying agentM & A PrivatBank AG
Share held by Offeror prior to announcement of bidca. 36.38% (without parties acting concert)
Object of the offerThe object of this offer are all of the ordinary shares of the Offeree Company with the exception of the shares owned by the parties acting in concert with the Offeror St. Ambrosius Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungs-Aktiengesellschaft and Adolf Darbo Verwaltungs- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft m.b.H.