Offeree companyS IMMO AG (FN 58358x)
ISINAT0000795737 sowie AT0000630694
Acceptance period11 to 31 Mar 2015, 15. hrs. Vienna local time
Offer priceEUR 85.-per profit-sharing rights
Offer volume705,882 Stück S IMMO profit-sharing rights
PremiumPremium with respect to AT0000795737: 4.55% (3M); 5.72% (6M); 7.47% (12M)
Premium with respect to ISIN AT0000630694: 5.30% (3M); 6.10% (6M); 7.00% (12M)
Paying agentErste Group Bank AG, Am Graben 21, 1010 Vienna
Share held by bidder prior to announcement of offer


Exchange ratioBased on the exchange ratio of 1:0.17 (= exchange price of S IMMO profit-sharing certificate to nominal value of the partial debt security) the exchange offer can only be accepted by holders of profit-sharing certificates who have at least six units of S IMMO profit-sharing certificates (either ISIN AT0000795737 or ISIN AT0000630694, but not mixed). The fractions resulting from the submittal of S IMMO profit-sharing certificates due to the exchange ratio are compensated in cash when the deal is executed (cash settlement). (See section 3.2. of the Offer Document)
Partial bid

The offer is addressed to all holders of the 1,130,681 units of outstanding S IMMO INVEST profit-sharing certificates made up of 761,861 profit-sharing certificates with identical features and the code ISIN AT0000795737 and of 368,820 profit-sharing certificates with the code ISIN AT0000630694 (together “S IMMO profit-sharing certificates”).

Due to the limited offer volume of 705,882 S IMMO profit-sharing certificates, it is not possible to exchange the entire outstanding volume of the profit-sharing capital within the scope of the exchange offer with a cash alternative, but only a share of around 62.43% can be exchanged or acquired for cash. The limited offer volume does not at all exclude the possibility that the holders of the profit-sharing certificates will submit all S IMMO profit-sharing certificates for acceptance within the scope of exchange offer for cash. Should a total of more than 705,882 S IMMO profit-sharing certificates be submitted validly for acceptance, there may be a reduction of the S IMMO profit-sharing certificates submitted for acceptance based on the allocation rules pursuant to section 7.5.